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Our story

Happy that you're here!

We are two children of the diaspora, who grew up and are at home in various cultures, rich and beautiful, as mediators, bridges and explorers.

Here we want to share our experiences, encounters and treasures from our travels and adventures with you.

For us, NOA is the longing for our childhood when we explored all the tiny, crowded studios and courtyards in the narrow streets of an old town in Turkey, in which people carved, knotted, woven, knitted, patched, painted and pottery. The smells and colors burned themselves deeply into our memories. And yet, as we grew up, we had to find that these little oases had to give way, piece by piece, to huge shopping malls. As time went on, it became harder and harder to find things that were traditionally made and had a soul and history.

That is why we would now like to open a new chapter with NOA: We have teamed up with craftsmen and artisans from Turkey, have spent time in their studios, listened to them speak and sing, watched them hammer and carve, and discovered, experienced and learned. We gained diverse insights, met great people, and brought back some selected works to share with you.

Nature of Art : get inspired by our beautiful craftsmanship from slow, sustainable and fair production, its processes, the stories behind the products and the faces behind the stories.

We are excited to have you join us on this adventure and we warmly welcome you to our world of curiosity and art at NOA!

Betül and Tarkan

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