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Carpet "Mustafa"

Carpet "Mustafa"


Handwoven Vintage carpet made of wool. An absolutely unique piece. The yarns have been naturally dyed on a plant-based basis and each knot has been traditionally knotted by master craftsmen according to the art of carpet weaving.

The design of this carpet consists of traditional motifs such as the eye, which protects the household from evil and bad influences, or the hook, which protects against danger. Lastly, the ear of corn is said to bring blessings and abundance into the home.


Mustafa pays homage to the doctorate student who collects old carpet motifs to protect them from oblivion and has been a great help to us.


Dimensions: 78 cm x 120 cm


Due to the handcraft and their age, all vintage rugs can show light wear or minor imperfections. That is what makes them unique and special.

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