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Braided Bowl "Hanfes"

Braided Bowl "Hanfes"


This willow bowl was made under the skillful hands of 85-year-old Niazi amca and his wife Fatma teyze. They weave the wheat stalks flat in the middle and slanted toward the edge. For the wheat stalks, the wheat is harvested with a sickle, the stalks are separated from the wheat heads and dyed with natural colors.


You can use our bowls in many ways - as wall decorations or fruit bowls. In the past, these bowls were used for daily: as sieves for bulgur, for washing vegetables, or as serving plates on the sofras (floor tables) around which the whole family gathered. They were even used in the preparation of the delicious dessert künefe, for which the region of Antakya is famous. When frying, the künefe was turned between two bowls. And then? "Since most of us didn't have running water at home, we washed the bowls outside at fountains and in bowls and hung them on the wall of the house to dry," Fatma teyze says. So what is now being rediscovered as wall decoration in Istanbul's homes was once born out of a need. Colorful bowls with patterns and motifs hung everywhere on the houses of the village to dry, making life a little more lively and beautiful. Bring more joy to your home with our bowls too!


Diameter: 37 cm


This product is handcrafted and may therefore have minor irregularities. That is exactly what makes it one of a kind. Each of our products is unique.

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