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Wood carving

Ömer Usta probably has the most dazzling personality among our Usta. When I record him a bit at work for you - because it really looks quite impressive, how he hammers notches into the wood with iron and club, removes and shapes it - he first says: "Wait then!" and calls his apprentice , "Grab your saz and come here." When he sits in front of him with his instrument, he says: "Now he'll play and carve to the rhythm while you record!" Admittedly, I feel a little like in the wrong movie, but it's always funny and exciting. If you're curious how it all looks then, follow us on Instagram and don't miss the show by Ömer Usta and his apprentice!

Ahmet Usta couldn't be more opposite. He is a quiet, shy man - but all the more friendly and loving. He wants to give me a wooden tray and when he helps load everything he tilts his head, smiles crookedly and says: "But please don't sell the wooden tray I gave you, please keep it for yourself." and now I will I probably with this tray old and wrinkled. He carved our beautiful side table and if you want to see how he works don't miss his videos on Instagram!

Mehmet amca actually learned a different trade. Then he retired and built a house. When he was done and bored, he still implemented construction projects in the neighborhood, but when there was nothing more to do there either, he knew: I needed a permanent job. He wanted to work with wood. So, when he was over 70, he looked around to see what you can do with wood - on YouTube and Printerest. In the end he decided on segmented wood - fortunately, because his works conquer our hearts.

Incidentally, Şadiye teyze, his wife, then drove him out of the house relatively quickly. Her husband's new hobby was too dusty and noisy for her and now Mehmet amca is working in his small studio again. Would you like to experience it? You know where to look!

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